torek, 06. september 2011

Slovenian LoCo on a translation spree, again.

Three days ago, still unofficial, Slovenian LoCo members occupied our local hackerspace, Cyberpipe and went on an another translation spree. Our second Ubuntu Global Jam was in a full effect and our goals were simple:
  • translate as much as possible
  • verify and correct existing translations
  • discuss and improve existing Slovene computer terminology
  • help anyone who might drop by with Ubuntu problems
Altogether around fifteen people showed up and we had an average of six people translating and helping with terminology. Few interesting debates around localization and differnet translations came up during the event and we had a lot of fun translating all the weather related terms. In the end we decided to pull some strings at the Slovenian Environment Agency and ask if they could help translate some of the strings because we had no idea what is the difference between light rain, light drizzle, rain and drizzle and how they are called in Slovene. ;)

In the end, there were more than 2000 strings translated and verified and again we reached the goal and Oneiric will be 100% translated to Slovene language. Translations / Person ratio was a little better than on our previous Jam where fifteen people translated 4000 strings.

Because not all of us are good at translating, one certain individual was hacking on Gwibber all day and night. Which resulted in support for sending Direct Messages in Gwibber and a prettier presentation of private streams. Few pictures from the event and the working prototype of Gwibber hack are below.