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Hello Ubuntu planet!

Hello Ubuntu planet!

My name is Andrej Žnidaršič and I am coordinator of slovenian launchpad translation team and gnome slovenian translation team member.

You might be wondering why there is an image of Slovenian translation team on the left. That's because:
  1. I am not really a blogging person and i don't have much time so there wouldn't be many posts
  2. As a consequence of 1.) I believe it would be much better to have a shared blog with more activity and more readership.
So we decided to create a common translation blog with other translators, so we will have more posts and hopefuly achieve more visitors / better visibility of the blog.

The sole purpose of this blog is to promote translation work in slovenian lanugage, so most posts will be in slovenian. However a small portion will be posted in English as well to notify the rest of Ubuntu world what is happening in our little world :)

For beginning I can summarize what happened during 10.10 translation cycle. This has been my first translation cycle as a translation coordinator so it has a special meaning to me. We decided to really dive ourselves into work and significantly improve both the quality and quantity of translation.

During the last 6 months we have started with new quality control system (peer review), reviewed almost all old ubuntu translations string by string and fixed several hundreds, mistakes, typos and vocabular inconsistencies, organized 2 translators meetings, 7 translation jams (all online through our new jabber chatroom, were we hang out a lot these day), recruited 9 new members (a lot considering previous size of the team) and did a lot of translation work.

The result ? As can be seen by looking at these two links - and we have managed to climbe 14 percentage points up to astonishing 98% and 10th place worldwide, which is amazing, especially if one takes into account the fact Slovenian language is only 178th worldwide (ranked by the number of native speakers). :) :) :)

This is an achievement we really take pride of and shows us all the hard work has really paid off.

As the number of remaining strings in the GUI of default Ubuntu install is approaching zero we have already established contact with Debian translation team and translation-project and are preparing to start sending our work back usptream, so that it can benefit others too (link with gnome has been traditionally good as both myself and some other translators are members of gnome translators group).

All in all we are very proud and excited to see how far we can reach in the next 6 months.


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