četrtek, 14. oktober 2010

Slovenian Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party was a Success

On Tuesday at 19.00, the official part of the Ubuntu 10.10 release party took place in Kiberpipa.

Firstly, David Klasinc presented the new Ubuntu release in his own unique way, and also gave a presentation on the novelties of Ubuntu Netbook release. He emphasized the e-mail client called Evolution, and the Ubuntu Music Store, which is integrated in the Rhythmbox music player. Especially for the audience, he also demonstrated how to purchase music through the above mentioned service. During his presentation, he also came across a few problems which amused the audience. After that, he also presented cloud service Ubuntu One.

When David finished, Luka Napotnik took over and presented the activities of Ubuntu Slovenia webpage, and the community which creates it. He listed the current activities, presented the Slovenian translation group and future plans.

Following was the unofficial part, which began with the Ubuntu chestnut cake, while drinks soon followed. The visitors had a chance to get Ubuntu Slovenia and Kiberpipa T-shirts for a small donation. The party then continued to 10pm.

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