ponedeljek, 21. marec 2011

Training session for Slovenian Ubuntu translation maraton

On April 2nd 2011 Slovenian translation team is organizing Ubuntu translation marathon.

We will focus on detailed check and fixes of strings in all default programs in Ubuntu 11.04 and also translate the strings, which are not translated yet. The schedule is not final yet, but we expect to have 7 translation & review sessions of 45 minutes length.

As we are expecting new contributors will be interested to join the effort to make quality and quantity of Slovenian translations in Natty the best ever, we are organizing two training sessions in our chatroom for you to grasp the basics of both launchpad workflow and some basic rules to ensure high quality of our work.

First training session is today, 21.3 at 20.00 CET and the second one is on 30.3 at 20.00 CET. Training session includes short introduction to work in Launchpad and some peculiarities of Slovenian grammar and vocabulary, translation of the first few strings together and then Q&A session to answer all your questions.

If you are busy at that time you can drop by at any time. Most likely you will find somebody, who will be able to help you out. Before you attend the session we recommend that you read brief guide, so we will be able to proceed faster.

You can join our chatroom by adding the following contact to your Gmail/Jabber account (without the ") "slovenski-prevajalci@partychapp.appspotchat.com". That's it!

Join us and let's make 11.04 best Ubuntu release to date together!

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  1. lol, "Ubutnu"... It's funny that the most important word has a typo, and the post regards translations. ;>