petek, 08. april 2011

Slovenian Translation Marathon - The Aftermath

Saturday, April 2nd, was a bright, sunny day in Slovenia. But not for 15 enthusiastic people who were locked in a basement of Cyberpipe, our hackerspace, attending Slovenian Ubuntu Translation Marathon

Ubuntu Translation Marathon was a part of Ubuntu Global Jam. We started early in the morning at 9am with initial gathering and a crash course on how to translate. There were three translation sessions planed before lunch but it turned out that nobody was hungry at that time. Of course snacks were plentiful and drinks were also available, there was no immediate danger of starvation and we ended up going out for lunch instead of ordering.

After lunch translation sessions continued until roughly 7pm when majority of people left. We called it a day with almost 4000 strings translated and checked. We can also happily report that Natty Narwhal was already 100% translated to Slovenian, one of the six languages that hit that mark before March 28th, so this marathon we were concentrating on non-essential packages and documentation.

Few pictures from the event are below.

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